Microsoft & Video Advertising Pack

This advertising program is exactly what a business needs to generate new leads for their Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. The advertising package is a combination of text ads on the Microsoft and Google search engine as well as video ads on YouTube. Businesses all over the world advertise on Google everyday. Google is often their main source of lead generation. However many businesses are still not integrating their Google campaigns on the Microsoft search engine.

Microsoft has over 126 million search engine users and they have not seen as many ads as Google searchers. Because of this, it’s important to take advantage of Microsoft’s advertising network while you still can. It’s basically like a smaller form of the Google search engine. Another golden opportunity that advertisers are not fully taking advantage of is YouTube. YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world next to Google.

Only 9% of businesses are using YouTube to generate new leads as of 2021. This percentage is increasing. YouTube is a perfect place to advertise. It’s where potential buyers go to seek information on specific topics. When people are looking for instructions on how to do something or reviews for a product, YouTube is their number one resource.

Advertisers have the capability of targeting YouTube viewers based on their demographics, keyword research topics, and the type of person they are. You have the ability to target people that would be most interested in your product or service. Some companies today are making millions of dollars from YouTube advertising.

Who would YouTube’s biggest competitor be? If you guessed Facebook, then you are right. However something in 2021 is happening to Facebook that will destroy the profit of advertisers. What will stop Facebook from being a profitable lead generation resource is Apple’s new iPhone technology.

The new iPhones by Apple will request that customers choose to allow Facebook to track them or not. As soon as a customer opts out of Facebook’s tracking technology, Facebook will no longer be able to send them targeted ads. Once Facebook looses the ability to send out targeted ads to customers, profits will be destroyed.

This is not happening to YouTube. You have the ability to track people and remarket to them all over the world with YouTube. Facebook lost their ability to target people by household income. YouTube still has the ability to target potential customers based on household income. This is a golden time to advertise on YouTube especially since people are staying at home more than ever before.

By purchasing the Microsoft and video advertising pack, you will be advertising on Microsoft, Google, and YouTube to create an advertising trinity. The longer you wait to start advertising on YouTube, the harder it will be. Get your Microsoft and video advertising pack today!