Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners

Close opportunities, track leads, manage customers, increase sales.


We set up and customize your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM system for your business.  We make it prepared for your employees to do business operations.

Configuration Services

Your data is migrated into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM system.  Any additional integrations needed will be configured for you.

Employee Training

Proper technical training is essential for businesses.  A customized program will be designed for you and your employees on how to operate the system for your business needs.


We offer support per project or long term full managed service support.  We can help with sales, marketing, customer service, field service, and project operations.

We can create
your entire project managent system fully customized.

We work with you to fully understand how you operate your projects and what you expect from your employees.  Then we build out your project management system for your staff to stay on track and get work done fast.

Essentials for IT

MIcrosoft Dynamics 365 CRM Cloud Integrations





Supply Chain






Dynamics 365 Implementation Guide

Access the Client Information You Need on any Device

With a CRM system you will be able to see all of the customer data and interactions.  Your sales team will have less friction closing deals with potential clients.  Employees will be able to view the entire sales pipeline on a virtual dashboard.  It will be easy to create repeatable sales processes to track leads, set up appointments, and get quotes accepted from clients.

Speak with an Expert

We Help Businesses Evaluate, Implement, and Support the Dynamics 365 Solution

Problems with CRM

The biggest problems companies face is with data loss.  This happens when your CRM system does not communicate with your other business software. You have to store data in multiple places, but the data does not update in both systems.   This creates issues with your customer service.  Your business success is hindered because of bad data. Our CRM has fantastic integration capabilities.  Your company can use a single data source throughout all departments.


Customer data is easy to misplace when it is not all stored in one place.


Employees do not work as fast and effective when they have to be constantly searching for data.


Clients get displeased when projects are not managed quickly and smoothly.


Less sales are made as a result of employees not being organized.

Need Leads for Your Dynamics 365 CRM?

Try our Microsoft & Video Advertising Pack

The Microsoft and video advertising pack combines the advertising cababilities of Microsoft, Google, and Youtube.  These advertising platforms will be integrated with each other. We target specific people that would most likely convert into a customer for your business.  Your campaigns will be created, executed, and managed on a monthly basis by our ad team.  New leads will be generated and directly deposited into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.  From there, you can turn your new leads into business opportunities. 

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers have to say:

“If a customer has a problem with
their system, we can instantly
pull up their entire history with us
and quickly answer questions and
diagnose problems from wherever we are working. Our customers love the immediacy that we

Phil Horwitch Cheif Operations Engineer

Nexus Energy Systems

“We view this as an enterprise solution… It’s breaking down the barriers that have separated our retail banking from commercial banking or investment units.  For the first time, we’ll deploy a single solution that will serve all member’s needs.”

David Downing: Executive VP, Operations & Technology

Arizona State Credit Union

“By moving to Dynamics CRM Online, we can create tighter connections among all the moving pieces that make up the homebuilding process, while keeping our customers happily apprised of progress.”

Bryce Godenir, IT/IS Manager

Jayman BUILT